You are purchasing a service through 2Konnect. Accessing those services requires you to log in and actively use them to derive any benefit therefrom. Failure on your part to log in and use the services you have purchased does not constitute a failure of 2Konnect to provide those services to you.

For billing questions please contact 2Konnect:

Phone at 1-801-820-8080

All Refund requests must be in writing by sending an email to . Include the following information:

1. Name on your 2Konnect Account
2. Username on your 2Konnect Account
3. Phone number on 2Konnect Account
4. Email address associated with your 2Konnect Account
5. Reason you are requesting a refund

Each refund request will be reviewed and processed in a timely manner. Requests left by voicemail or over the phone will not be honored.

Refund will be rewarded:

1. 30 Days - 100% refund
2. 60 Days – up to 100% refund based upon your usage of the 2Konnect services
3. 90 Days – pro-rated refund based upon your usage of 2Konnect services
4. 120 Days – TBD

Additional ways to contact 2Konnect Corporation.

Address: “2279 N University Pkwy | Suite 127 | Provo | UT | 84604”

2Konnect Customer Service Phone Number: 801-820-8080 ext. 3